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Read the helpful information below to learn more about auto, property and life insurance coverage. For further clarification and help choosing the right plan to meet your needs, be sure to contact the experienced team at Kelsey's Insurance Brokers Inc.


Auto Insurance includes several Accident Benefits – These can be increased and there are also additional Benefits available to better fit your needs, some of which include income replacement, death and funeral, dependent care, caregiver and housekeeping and home maintenance, medical and rehabilitation and attendant care and indexation.

Winter tire discount – If you use certified snow tires on your vehicle and have not informed us yet, please give us a call and let us know so we can apply a winter tire discount to your auto insurance policy.

Occasional driver away at school – If you have a student who is living away at a school located over 100km from home, we can reduce the occasional driver premium by 50% on your policy.


You may need a Property Floater – Some personal property has special limits. Personal property coverage included in your home insurance often has limitations or exclusions for certain articles which may be more prone to loss or theft or it can be hard to determine a standard value in the event of a claim. This may mean you are underinsured on a particular item you value. This can be solved by adding a Floater to your policy which often has a lower deductible, proper limit of coverage pertaining to the item and broader coverage. Please give us a call if you are curious what it what cost to add a floater to your policy.

Typical Floater items include – Jewellery, furs, hearing aids, tools, money, paintings, fine arts, books, securities, garden type tractors and accessories, animals, birds or fish, watercraft, spare auto parts, numismatic property, philatelic property, bicycles and accessories, collectible cards, tapes, CDs and records.

Tenant Insurance – Tenant Insurance doesn’t only cover your contents, it also provides liability coverage that can protect you from someone taking legal action against you in the event of an injury or damage to property in which you are held responsible. Most policies provide the liability coverage world-wide, not just on your premises. Also, when paired with your auto insurance, the multi-policy discount to your auto insurance that occurs can be put towards the tenant policy making it very affordable.

Fallen tree – If you have a tree on your property that shows visible signs of rot on the exterior, and it falls over and causes damage, the insurance company may deny the claim because it was a foreseeable incident that could have been avoided with proper maintenance.

Watercrafts are insured on the same policy as your home – If you have your watercraft insured on the same policy as your home and you have a claim on your watercraft, it can affect the claims-free discount on your home policy. To avoid this, in more recent years, some companies have started allowing the watercraft to be insured on its own policy and still allow for a multi-policy discount so the watercraft will receive the same savings it had when added to the home policy as long as the home and watercraft are insured with the same company.


If you have mortgage insurance through the bank, you may want to consider a change. There is great peace of mind that comes from the control and ownership of having your own Life Insurance policy instead. Give us a call and we can review the very important benefits. We’ve included a few below:

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