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Image by Zac Ong


Our experience is that a loss can sometimes be prevented.  See below for some preventative practices. 


Outside Your Home

  • Clean eaves troughs and downspouts to ensure proper drainage

  • Repair damage on the outside of your home, including cracks or storm damage

  • Caulk window trim and door frames

  • Check your roof and flashing for repairs

  • Install weather stripping on exterior doors and windows

  • Winterize your pool or hot tub

  • In the Fall, turn off the water supply to outdoor taps after the taps have been left open to drain completely.   Leave the taps in the open position until Spring. 

  • Always clear snow away from the foundation of your house

Inside Your Home

  • Check heat-duct and water-pipe insulation

  • Inspect any washing machine and dishwasher hoses for cracks or leads, and clean the filters

  • Learn location of and how to use the water shut-off valve

  • Have the furnace and air conditioner professionally serviced annually

  • Have any chimneys cleaned annually and repaired as needed

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